Selecting a Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Why choose a cordless lawn mower? Less noise pollution and fewer complaints from neighbours. There are no fumes or exhaust fumes, and because gasoline rotary lawnmowers don’t have a catalytic converter, they can pollute the equivalent of 43 cars a year. You also get the same features as a gas mower, such as: mulching options, collectors, side gutters and even a self-propelled rechargeable mower. Most models have a removable battery that can be charged directly. Corded electric lawnmowers are cheaper, but a cord is a pain.

Before I decide to buy a cordless lawnmower here, I’ll go over a few things to keep in mind. Due to their heavy batteries, some of them can be slightly heavier than petrol mowers, so if you have hilly terrain or have difficulty with manual labor, opt for a self-propelled battery mower. If you happen to get your lawn long and thick, you’d better put a high-quality fuel behind the mower, which will give you an hour of mowing per battery charge, enough to mow half an acre. If you have a large one, your other option is to have a second battery that you can use when the other battery runs out.

You will find the same bagging options as the petrol lawnmower. Battery-powered lawnmowers have come a long way, but mulching still requires more power than discharging, so using a grass collector may be a better option.

Electric lawn mowers are rated for watt-hours, which is basically how big your gas tank is, the higher the watt-hours, the longer you can actually mow the lawn before you need to stop to recharge the mower’s battery.

The mowing path is certainly an important factor when choosing an electric lawn mower, as the main thing manufacturers do when the cutting power is negligible is to reduce the blade size, so this often means that smaller mowers are likely to be underpowered. that each pass should overlap about 3 inches. Now a 20-inch blade actually cuts 13% more per pass. If you have a larger yard, you definitely don’t want anything under 18 inches. .

These rechargeable lawnmowers with interchangeable batteries are definitely the best option. For those with a large lawn, this means you can charge the second battery while the first is in use. A second battery can cost as much as $150, but that can be the difference between electric or not. Finally, if you put the mower in a shed without power, the removable battery allows you to take it to an outlet of your choice for charging.

The next generation of rechargeable lawn mowers is powered by a 36-volt motor and battery. Why worry about higher voltages? A higher voltage means more power and you can charge your lawnmower faster. With the same chemical composition and amperage, a 36V lawnmower charges 50% faster than a 24V lawnmower.


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