Finding A Good Lawn Mower That Will Cater For Your Needs

When shopping for a lawnmower, it’s important to make sure the mower you choose can handle all of your mowing needs. However, you need to understand that there are different models of lawn mowers on the market, and by paying attention to your needs, you can choose the best one that fits your budget and lawn.

If you are having trouble choosing a lawnmower, consider reading lawnmower reviews. Knowing exactly what to look for in a lawn mower can save you money and avoid time frustration. Features to consider when choosing a lawn mower include:

Machine Size

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a lawn mower is the size of the machine. Tractor lawnmowers are best for larger gardens. On the other hand, push mowers can effectively operate smaller mowers. It is recommended to walk behind the mower for yards smaller than 3/4 acre.

A self-propelled lawn mower is best for yards larger than 1/2 acre. So you don’t have to push the machine through rougher fields or hills yourself, but you just steer it. The right size lawnmower will help you keep your fuel costs under control.

Deck and engine size

Another factor to consider when choosing a lawn mower is the size of the cutting deck and engine. The size of the cutting deck determines how much grass the mower can cut with each pass.

For large yards, large decks and engines that deliver the right power play an important role in ensuring the work is done efficiently and quickly. However, you probably don’t want to go beyond the size and power of your machine as it can increase your fuel bill.

Wheel size

Wheel size should also be taken into account when choosing a lawn mower. For relatively smooth and level lawns, a standard wheeled mower is recommended. If the lawn has a lot of hills or rough terrain, consider opting for a larger rear wheel, which can make the job easier.

The new lawnmowers have many additional functions, including mulching the lawn. Mulched lawnmowers have specially designed blades. The blade helps cut the grass into small pieces and distributes it over the lawn.

In addition to these elements, there are several options to choose from, including robotic lawnmowers, solar powered lawnmowers, cordless lawnmowers, and corded lawnmowers. Take the time to consider these options and you will be able to determine the best lawn mower for your yard.

Buying a Lawn Mower for Under $250

In terms of traditional electric lawnmowers to buy the best mowers for under $250, the field of candidates is relatively empty compared to those with deep pockets. There are still great lawnmowers and bargains out there, here we take a look at two of the best-selling gas mowers for those on a budget.

Today we are going to look at two different types of gas mowers at this price point, the Poulan PO500N22SX versus the Husqvarna 6021P. Both are listed for under $250, and for those who don’t mind having a sporty small to medium sized lawn, it does the job very well! Read on for more information.

size and strength

The Poulan PO500N22SX and Husqvarna 6021P are about the same blade and engine. Both are capable of solving the normal task of mowing a well-maintained lawn – if you have a large patch of grass to mow, think twice! Remember the basics of maintenance and regular oil and maintenance, and keep your blades sharp for optimum performance.

Pushing power, both!

As with many things in life, you get what you pay for here. The $250 and less props for gas mowers are entry-level, and they require you to push the mower across the lawn! While this isn’t a barrier to sane gardeners with smaller lawns (especially since they’re relatively light for gas-powered mowers), think twice if you’re less able or have to trim larger lawns. If so, look for a self-propelled lawn mower that starts at around $300, or a ride-on mower for a larger lawn – $1500+!

collect or cover

The eternal question for all lawn professionals – the answer can vary depending on the size of your lawn and whether you are composting, dumping or having someone collect your green waste! The Poulan PO500N22SX is a side discharge mower that cuts off the top of the blade and bounces finely chopped grass back onto your turf. your lawn. soil. This requires no extra work from the gardener, but leaves a thin layer of organic matter on the lawn, which some find unsightly. However, the Husqvarna 6021P blows the rear into the collection bag (although some buyers report that the seal between the bag and the body of the mower needs some tape!). This requires regular emptying, which can be a hindrance on large lawns, but a boon if you like composting. Choose your poison!

environmental factor

Founded in 1967 to achieve and maintain good air quality standards in California, the California Air Resources Board has established a set of regulations regarding the environmental impact of all types of powered equipment. The Poulan PO500N22SX meets these requirements and can be sold in California, but the Husqvarna 6021P falls short. This is critical for those living in the Sunshine State and for those with strong personal morals in the area.


If you live in California, buying the Poulan PO500N22SX is the only option of the pair. It’s also a winner if you’re looking to reduce fertilizer use, as its mulching and spreading ability helps nourish your lawn as you mow.

Choosing to buy the Husqvarna 6021P is the better option of the two if you want to compost your waste, and is widely recognized for its relatively low fuel consumption, getting half an acre or more out of the tank. If your lawn isn’t a bowling green, it might also be stronger with a bigger rear wheel!

Each of these best-selling gas lawn mowers is available for less than $250 — keep in mind the warnings about California, the area to mow, and the fact that you’ll need to push them across your lawn.


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